The Metroidvania Mission Statement

Hello and welcome and please enjoy the fine video contained behind this link. This is the official starting point for!

This site is currently a work in progress and then some. But it’s absolutely worth doing now that half the indie games currently in development draw on this style of game. After years of lurking in wait, it’s finally exploding into its proper dominance. I’m so proud.

I’m still putting together the chronological gallery of relevant and related games, after which there’ll be a ton of actual articles to write to chart the development of the genre. Bear with me, please.

Jeremy Parish
July 11, 2014


  1. D-e-f-

    Site looks really cool! Looking forward to whatever you end up doing here!

  2. It should be worth noting there are a few sites that already give a lot of great information on “metroidvanias.”

    Best of luck, Jeremy!

    • (Author)

      Good on them. But this site’s been around a lot longer — until this past week, has pointed at this page, which I started in 2006. Now I’m here to finish off the job and do it right.

  3. so glad this site exists. my favorite type of game. just saying thanks.

  4. Daft

    Is insanely twisted shadow planet on the list of games you are going to cover?

  5. I’m just seeing this site for the first time. Awesome! In retrospect it seems obvious that such a site should exist, and be run by the Internet’s De facto Metroidvaniaeologian.

    • (Author)

      I’m looking forward to featuring your game on here!

  6. Djungelurban

    The lack of “An Untitled Story” on this site is upsetting to me…

  7. StingX2

    I love that this site is a thing, do big things man

  8. Shawn

    Holy damn, I love the metroidvania. Thanks to my jerk of a friend twitter account, I got to know this site.

  9. Robin

    Maybe it’s just me but the site layout and the images a bit broken?

    • (Author)

      My server has been constipated lately. Try again, should work now.

      • Robin

        Thanks, works perfectly and looks gorgeous 🙂

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